Paisley Allan

My name is Paisley Allan and I am 12 years old. I have been dancing for 9 years. My favorite styles of dance are jazz and contemporary. Dance is my passion! I eat, sleep, breathe DANCE! It's all I ever think about 24/7. This is my fourth year on the team and I have no plans on stopping! I love seeing my best friends every day and being able to share my love of dance with them!


Jordyn Allen

My name is Jordyn and I am 6 years old. My favorite styles of dance are hip hop and tap. I like to play with dolls and play tag and Duck Duck Goose. I am excited to be on the Regency Show Troupe this year!

Fun Fact - I have a twin brother!

Childress Alverson

Hi, my name is Childress and I am 13 years old. I have been dancing since I was 3 and I have been competing since last year. My favorite style of dance is contemporary. There are all different kinds of contemporary techniques that you would not normally do in jazz or ballet, but it incorporates the simple moves. I love dancing at Regency because everyone is like my family and the teachers are so accommodating to what we want to improve on. I am so excited for next year and many years to come! 


Abby Crowe

Hey! My name is Abby Crowe and I am proud to say dance is my thing. I started out as a competition gymnast and slowly realized I was more drawn to dance. I joined Show Troupe in 7th grade after dancing for a year recreationally. I can easily say that dance at Regency has gotten me through so much. I am now a sophomore at Freeman High School and 15 years old. My favorite dance style is contemporary or lyrical. I love how accepting and compassionate the Show Troupe dancers are. Dancing alongside my best friends has been the greatest blessing and I have Regency to thank for that. 

Fun Fact: I still like cookies!


Caroline Ellis

Hi my name is Caroline Ellis and I am 14 years old. I have been dancing for 6 years and I can so proudly say that Regency is my home. My favorite style of dance is Contemporary because I love being able to tell a story with my movement. Being a part of Show troupe has given me a second family. I have made so many unforgettable memories with this team. My teachers have become people who I can always lean on and they always give me so much support. My studio sisters have been through so much with me and I get so excited to come and dance with them every day. Being able to be a part of this team is the biggest blessing and I wouldn’t trade the past few years with them for anything. 


Belle Holloway

Hi! I’m Belle and I’m 5 years old.  I’m starting Kindergarten this year and can’t wait because I love making new friends.  This is my first year in Show Troupe, and my 3rd year dancing.  My favorite type of dance is Jazz because its sassy, like me! I also love singing, painting, cooking and driving my brother crazy (but shh, I really love him). 

Stella Hornik

Hi, my name is Stella Hornik and I am in the fifth grade at St Catherine's School. I have been dancing since I was 3 years old. This is my second year on Show Troupe and I love it. My favorite type of dance is Jazz because I love the music and the movement. When I am not dancing, I am spending time with my friends and family. I have two little sisters who like to do gymnastics and dance!


Mabel Horrigan

My name is Mabel Horrigan. I am 5 years old. This is my second year on Show Troupe and my fourth year of dance. I take ballet, jazz, and acro. My favorite type of dance is acro, I love Regency Dance Academy because I have a lot of friends I can dance with here. 

Fun Fact: I can touch my tongue to my nose!


Anna Howell

Hi everyone! My name is Anna and I am 9 years old. I have been dancing with Regency Dance Academy since I was 3 or 4 years old. I can't imagine my life without dance - what would I do? I love all types of dance but my favorites are jazz and tap. I also like contemporary, hip hop, and ballet. This is my second year on Show Troupe and I'm a "mini". When I'm not in dance class, I love to do freestyle dance in my house. I just can't stop moving!


Kelsey Mallam

My name is Kelsey Mallam and I am 12 years old. I love dance because it is a way to express yourself. My favorite styles of dance are hiphop, jazz, and musical theatre. Ever since I was a toddler I would always dress up (in my bikini) and dance in my living room. And now obviously I don’t put my bikini on and dance but there is never going to be a point where you see me and I am not dancing. If I am not in the studio dancing you would usually find me in the kitchen baking up a storm or hanging out with my friends. 

Anna Mason

My name is Anna and I am 11 years old. I have been dancing for 3 years, 1 of them on Show Troupe. I moved from Norfolk and did gymnastics for 2 years. Then I decided to follow in my sister's footsteps and switched to dance. Dancing makes me feel comfortable and I can express whatever emotions I have. My favorite style is most definitely contemporary. Regency Dance Academy is like a second home to me. 

Fun Fact: I have two dogs, Scout and Otis. 


Sydney Mason

My name is Sydney and I have been dancing with Regency for 7 years now, and I can say with pride that I love being part of this family. When I first began at Regency I was in the fourth grade and had just moved from Norfolk VA. I realized that dance was my thing in fifth grade when I started taking multiple classes and discovering new styles of dance. I am now a sophomore at St Catherine's and 15 years old. I could never ask for better friends to spend my countless afternoons with. I have gone through so much with them in these past years and I don't know what I will do without them in two years. Dance is a way that I can not only get exercise, but I can release everything that I am feeling and forget the day's previous events. I feel so special to be a part of this amazing group I am proud to call my family. 


Fun Fact: I want to save enough money to go on vacation to Bora Bora with my mom! 


Kaitlyn Plemons

Hi! My name is Kaitlyn Plemons and this will be my third year on Show Troupe at Regency Dance Academy. I am 16 years old and a junior at Freeman High School. My favorite dance styles are hip hop and contemporary because one is fast-moving and high energy, and the other is expressive with softer moves. I have been dancing for 12 years and love dancing at Regency. The girls have become some of my best friends and I couldn't ask for better teachers. Dance allows me to express myself in ways that words cannot, which is why I enjoy it so much! Getting to exercise and dance with my friends has made being on the competition team so much fun!

Natasha Romero

Hello! My name is Natasha Romero. I've been dancing for 11 years and this is my third year on Show Troupe. My favorite style is contemporary. Dance is an outlet where I get to express myself through movement and disconnect from everyday life. 

Helen Rosenstock

Hi, my name is Helen, I am 13 years old, and I have been dancing for 5 years! This past summer, I moved to Virginia from New York. I tried a class at Regency Dance Academy. After that, I knew I had to sign up for classes! Everyone was so welcoming of me! Although I love all styles of dance, my favorite would have to be jazz. I love dancing at Regency because everyone is so supportive of one another!


Fun Fact: I lived in London for 2 years! 


Avery West

Hi! My name is Avery West and I am a 4th grader at Gayton Elementary School. I have been taking dance at Regency Dance Academy since I was five years old. This is my first year on show troupe and I am excited to follow in my mom’s footsteps as she was a member of the Regency Show Troupe when she was in high school! I love all types of dance - ballet, jazz, hip hop, contemporary, acro, and tap. My favorite is contemporary! When I am not dancing at the studio, I love to make Tik Toks, play with my friends, and play with my dog Charlie. I am so excited to dance in a duet this year with my friend, Anna, and get to know all of the girls on the show troupe!