Class Levels. A student's class level is determined by their skill. The age recommendations are simply recommendations. This is to help ensure the student's safety and comfort, and to promote a healthy and safe environment for growth and progress. Putting a student in a level they aren't ready for can greatly hinder not only the student, but the entire class. This makes the learning experience unpleasant for all involved! Our goal is to provide the best opportunity for our dancers to grow and learn at the best and safest pace.

Tuition. We offer a monthly payment plan with automatic withdrawals so you don't have to worry about being late! Tuition is due on the 1st of each month. If by chance, the first falls on a day we are closed, your payment will be processed the next day we re-open. If we do not receive your payment by the 15th day of the month, a $25 late fee will be automatically applied to your account. Tuition is non-refundable once registered. All Balances are due on time, in full, regardless of the situation. Once enrolled, there are NO refunds no matter what the situation.*Please refer to the tuition breakdown for monthly and yearly totals*

Health. If you are feeling ill, coughing or sneezing, we ask that you please refrain from coming to class. We strive on keeping the studio clean and germ free and do not want to risk other dancers getting sick. Please call 804-740-4966 or email info@regencydance.com to let us know you will not attend class for that day.

Absences. If you intend on missing class for any reason, we ask that you please call us at 804-740-4966 or email info@regencydance.com and let us know. Dancers who miss more than 2 classes in a row will be contacted via phone/email unless we know in advance why you are not attending. Dancers who miss more than 5 unexcused classes in a row will be removed from that class by teachers discretion.  We have an open make-up policy for all classes. For the Summer Session and throughout September to December, you may make-up any absences in ANY CLASS appropriate for the students age regardless of the type of class. Throughout January to May, you may only make-up in technique classes appropriate for your age/experience level.

Please make a conscious effort to be in your classes starting in January, as we will be working show choreography every week and we need all students to be here. We ask that there be No Absences unless you are sick or absolutely have to be out of town for work or an emergency. If you miss more than 2 classes during the spring semester, you will not be allowed to dance in the show.

Inclement Weather. It is important to note that we DO NOT follow the Henrico County Schools for snow closings. If we decide to close, we will send out an email, post on Facebook, and we will leave a message on our answering system. If you have any doubt on whether we are open, please call the studio. We rarely close for inclement weather.

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