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Our competitive team gives enthusiastic students the ability to study more intensely, excel technically, dance year round, learn from other professionals, be adjudicated, and grow as a dancer.

Why We Dance Competetively

Performance Experience. Performing on a stage is fun and exhilarating! More performance experience allows dancers to become more comfortable on stage and work through nerves and adrenaline. Many dancers only perform on stage or in front of an audience maybe once or twice a year. But Company dancers perform multiple times throughout the year at competitions and the year end show! 

Constructive Feedback From Dance Professionals. Dance competitions allow dancers to perform in front of experienced dance professionals who have a wealth of knowledge in teaching and performing. They have offered feedback to dancers all around the world. Their critiques give dancers information to grow. 

Educational Conventions. In conjunction with competing, many dance competitions offer educational workshops for dancers to attend and learn new styles and techniques from the judges themselves or highly acclaimed faculty. Another opportunity to grow as a dancer!

Personal Growth. Being a competitive dancer entails an in-depth level of study. It means taking extra dance classes and rehearsals. Dancers who take more classes and work at a focused level improve their skills exponentially.

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