Designed for the more serious and dedicated dancers interested in dancing competitively. Each dancer is required to take technique classes, as well as weekly rehearsals. Levels within the program are based on technical ability regardless of how many years of experience or age. Placement is made solely by the teacher's requirements for their Show Troupe number.


Our dancers, the Regency Royals, train for a minimum of four hours a week, but often more.

Regency currently has three levels of dancers: Minis, Juniors, and Seniors. Dancers are placed in their corresponding levels by the Show Troupe teachers.


The Regency Royals compete in a minimum of 3 competitions a year.

Being a member of the Regency Royals is HUGE commitment. Expect to devote most of your nights to dance and some weekends throughout the school year to competitions.

Each dancer is required to take Ballet, Ballet Tech, Stretch and Strength, and the other technique classes that correspond to the genre of their competition number.

The most dedicated dancers of the Regency Royals will partake in specialty dances. These include solos, duos, trios, and specialty group dances!