Go Be It Tour 2020

January 24th-26th

Richmond VA

Paisley Allan, Play That Sax: 1st Place


Louisa Mills, Popular: 2nd Place


Henley Mills, Child’s Play: 2nd Place

Caroline Ellis, Medicine: 1st Place


Sydney Mason, House of the Rising Sun: 2nd Place

Paloma Lhéritier, Mad Hatter: 1st Place

Paige Schaffranek, My Strongest Suit: 2nd Place

Kaysen Mills, Warrior: 2nd Place


Ella Brown, The Chain: 2nd Place


Caroline Moore, I Won’t Complain: 1st Place


Natasha Romero, Mad World: 2nd Place


Abby Crowe,  Incomplete: 2nd Place


Ramsey Slye, As You Are: 2nd Place

Louisa Mills & Childress Alverson, We Are Gonna Be Friends: 2nd Place

Mabel Horrigan & Anna Howell, Splish Splash: 2nd Place, Style High Score, Director's Pick

Henley, Kaysen & Louisa Mills, Three Musketeers: 1st Place High Score, Director's Pick

Ella Brown, Paloma Lhéritier, Kaysen Mills, Rhythm Nation: 1st Place, Director’s Pick


Paloma Lhéritier, Sydney Mason, Caroline Moore, Expectations: 1st Place

Henly & Kaysen Mills, Ramsey Slye, Triple Threat: 1st Place


Hip Hop Group, Girl’s Room: 2nd Place


Tap Group, Summer Time: 1st Place, Director’s Pick


Specialty Small Group, Lighthouse: 2nd Place


Junior Jazz Group, O Me O My: 2nd Place


Contemporary Junior Group, Brothers on a Hotel Bed: 3rd Place


Production, Don’t Stop Me Now: 2nd Place High Score, Director’s Pick

Jazz Senior Group, So Into You: 1st Place Style High Score

Contemporary Senior Group, Transpire: 2nd Place, Director’s Pick


February 14th-16th

Woodbridge, VA

Paige Schaffranek, My Strongest Suit: High Gold, Costume Award

Paisley Allan, Home: High Gold, 3rd in Category

Sydney Mason, House of the Rising Sun: High Gold

Caroline Ellis, Medicine: Platinum, 4th in Category, 13th Overall High Score

Paisley Allan, Play That Sax: High Gold

Paloma Lhéritier, Mad Hatter: High Gold

Henley Mills, Child's Play: High Gold, 13th Overall High Score

Caroline Ellis, Torn: High Gold

Louisa Mills, Popular: Gold

Childress Alverson and Louisa Mills, We Are Gonna Be Friends: High Gold, Costume Award, Cute Character Award

Henley, Louisa, and Kaysen Mills, The Great Escape: High Gold

Paloma, Sydney, and Caroline M., Expectations: Platinum, 5th Overall High Score

Henley, Kaysen and Ramsey, Triple Threat: High Gold

Ella, Paloma and Kaysen, Rhythm Nation: Platinum, Costume Award

Ella, Paloma, Henley and Kaysen, Summer Time: High Gold

Abby, Caroline E., Caroline M. and Ramsey, Lighthouse: Platinum Plus, 1st in Category, 3rd Overall High Score, Captivating Emotion Award

Ramsey Slye, As You Are: High Gold, Costume Award

Caroline Moore, I Won't Complain: High Gold

Ella Brown, The Chain: High Gold

Ramsey Slye, Drumming Song: High Gold

Abby Crowe, Incomplete: Platinum, 2nd in Category, 16th Overall, Floating on Air Award

Kaysen Mills, Warrior: High Gold

Natasha Romero, Mad World: Gold

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