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Video: Jonathan Hamer      IG: @richmondtimelapse      Click here to view his website!

Regency Dance Academy is proud to be celebrating over 30 Years of Dance Excellence!

Currently under new ownership and conveniently located in the West End of Richmond, across from Regency Square Mall, Regency Dance Academy offers recreational and professional dance classes for all ages from 3 to 83!

Our mission here at Regency Dance Academy is to provide a safe and structured environment for dancers of all ages and skill-levels to learn at an appropriate pace and allow their creativity to blossom and transform!

The Regency Dance Academy faculty is exciting, highly qualified, dynamic, and dedicated to providing quality dance instruction. The children’s dance department offers technique in a fun, creative environment that will give your child an unforgettable experience that lasts a lifetime. Our dance teachers will encourage the growth and development of your dancer year after year.

The adult dance department is the largest in Richmond.  Whether you are discovering dance for the first time or have performed professionally and want to continue dancing, Regency Dance Academy offers adult classes from beginning to advanced.

The highlight of the year is our Spring Performance where our dancers perform on stage in a top-quality performance for their family and friends. Alongside our performance, Regency Dance Academy produces a book showcasing the talent of our dancers! Regency holds an annual portrait week, where Performance and Company classes will have their portraits taken. Every dancer will have their group photo published in the book!

Our spacious, comfortable, lobby features WiFi, dining area, and a state-of-the-art dance studio viewing system where parents and family members can watch their child’s class on a large flat screen TV.

Please come by and visit us for a tour of the studio, to watch a dance class or meet with our staff.


We are excited to be an active part of the community and proud to host two murals by three different artists! Come by and see them, and make sure to give the amazing artists a follow!


Matt Lively   IG: @mattlively

Click here to view his website!

Nico Cathcart   IG: @nicocathcart

Click here to view her website!


Jonathan Hamer   IG: @richmondtimelapse

Click here to view his website!


Shaylen Broughton  

IG: @sabartstudio

Click here to view her website! 


Jonathan Hamer 

IG: @richmondtimelapse

Click here to view his website!

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